A ground breaking platform that simplifies online insurance distribution

Use Any Product

Sell unique insurance offerings online - using your questions and ratings calculations.

Add to Any Website

Equip your network or sell direct with online quoting and sell online capabilities.

Sell B2B or B2C

Solutions tailored for the needs of your company, partners, affiliates and customers.

Transform your business and exceed the expectations of clients & customers

Capitalise on your Network

Build online sales of any product from any site, leveraging your existing intermediary network.

Reach New Audiences

Sell to new online markets without the need for large upfront capital investment.

Scale with Confidence

Automate processes and integrate with key services minimising manual work as online sale grow.

Benefit from a plug-and-play solution designed for the Australian Insurance market

Benefit from a plug-and-play solution designed for the Australian Insurance market

Quote custom products in real-time

Supports any product or scheme with real-time quoting based on your ratings factors.

Update rates, calculations and questions at scale

Apply changes to online quote and bind solutions across your network of partners from a single point.

Reseller portal

Enabling agent and referrer self-service using online portals and apps.

Service full life-cycle online with the uBind Portal

Service full life-cycle online with the uBind Portal

  • Customers can download policy documents and lodge claims
  • Brokers and agents can log in and process quotes and claims
  • Policies can be adjusted, renewed or cancelled
  • A unique claims workflow can be created for each product
  • Referred quotes can be loaded and endorsed by an underwriter
  • Reporting is available through visual dashboards and data exports

See uBind in action

Generate online quotes on demand, watch pricing change as you update details, and see our streamlined online purchase process

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uBind has a range of use cases for underwriting agencies to help them make an impact online

  • Sell direct on your company website. With a list of established features, uBind offers a way to launch a new digital sales channel without the hassle of custom web development.
  • Combine multiple insurance products within one uBind solution and target new online markets tailored for both B2B or B2C.
  • Equip your network of brokers and authorised representatives to drive sales online with whitelabelled solutions to match seamlessly with their website.
  • Provide a dedicated reseller portal designed for B2B use, with unique logins and full reporting capability.
  • Add uBind to the websites of insurance brokers and authorised representative and capitalise on established networks and partnerships.

Partner with a leader in digital distribution and customer self-service technology within the Australian insurance industry

Developed by a team with over 10 years experience servicing the Australian insurance industry, our innovative platform makes cutting edge technology accessible for companies of all sizes. Get support every step of the way with expert advice on how to start selling online.

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